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Youth Business Center

MicroCare has drawn up special programs to help young entrepreneurs. Our youth program is aimed at people aged between 18 and 27, without regard to gender. All young people who want to start or expand their businesses should contact us to discover all the services we have on offer. If you fall into that youth category, email us at, or use the form provided on our website for more information..

Our Goals 
Man Reaching Star

Personal Development

Develop their soft skills, life skills and leadership capabilities, supported through mentoring and coaching 


Business Development

Focuses on training and advice on hard skills, such as creating a business model and managing a budget 

Success Story 

Noura Ibrahim

Noura always loved creating art, but it wasn’t until her freshman year of high school that she truly began to recognize her unique talent and passion for painting. By the age of 19, Noura had already won numerous awards, including the 2022 Congressional Art Competition that saw her piece “Immigration” (right) hung at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

Despite the recognition she’s already received, Noura knows better than to depend on her talent alone to find success. She displays excellent technical knowledge and critical analysis skills and is hoping to enroll at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Aware of the challenges that come with pursuing a career as a professional artist, Noura is already looking to build her social network, develop marketing strategies, and establish a business plan. This is where MicroCare comes in. Through a series of Technical Assistance sessions, our business experts were able to help Noura.

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