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Women's Entrepreneur Center 

As a woman-led organization, female entrepreneurship is a cause that is dear to our hearts, here at MicroCare. Our WEBS program allows us to provide additional resources to women who need a little extra support in order to thrive.

WEBS provides a wide variety of initiatives to help empower women in their private business endeavors. We offer one-on-one coaching, as well as group workshops, for technical assistance and financial education. Through WEBS, we make it easier for female entrepreneurs to connect with other small-business owners, access funds, obtain licensing, advertise products, find reliable daycare services, and research any other tools you need to bring your vision for your company to life.

Our Goal

Empowerment through Education 

To equip female refugees and immigrants with comprehensive technical knowledge and skills, foster self-reliance, and enable them to successfully initiate and manage their entrepreneurial ventures in their new environment. 

Self-Reliance and Job Creation

To instill a sense of self-reliance among female refugees and immigrants, guiding them to establish their own businesses and create employment opportunities within their communities, fostering economic growth and resilience. 

Community Integration and Networking

 To facilitate the integration of female refugees and immigrants into the local business community by creating networking, collaboration, and mutual support platforms, thereby promoting shared growth and understanding between diverse communities. 

How We Support Women Entrepreneur
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