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At MicroCare Community Developments Solutions, we offer a wide range of services to cater to entrepreneurs of all ages, and from every community, including women, youth, Native American, Hispanic, veterans, refugees, and disabled. Our expertise and know-how will transform your ideas from entrepreneurial sparks to full-blown success stories.


Services include technical assistance; a business solutions services program; financial education; market-place assistance; marketing and advertising; access to capital; and other resources.


We offer an advocacy and referral program. We encourage and educate our clients to utilize programs and services available in Arizona. They include individual development accounts; affordable housing; access to the Volunteer Tax Assistance (VITA) sites; Matching Enterprise Grants for Agricultural Programs (MEGA); and agricultural grant and loan assistance.


We help every type of business from transportation, daycare, farm, auto maintenance to hair braiding businesses. Send us a message if you have a question or click on the link here request one of our services.

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