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Welcome to MicroCare 

Helping Communities Grow Through Accessible Micro-Finance and Expert Technical Assistance.

Welcome to MicroCare – where the spirit of entrepreneurship meets a commitment to holistic progress. Arizona is teeming with potential, from its sprawling landscapes to its urban cores with special focus to Immigrant and refugee women, and young adults, carry with them dreams as vast and varied as our state's terrains. But often, their paths to entrepreneurship are strewn with challenges unique to their experiences. MicroCare is here to pave the way, ensuring every dream has the chance to bloom.

Empowering the Underserved—Our Commitment Entrepreneurship is more than business – it’s

a tool of empowerment. Recognizing this, MicroCare is dedicated to aiding disadvantaged entrepreneurs, ensuring they don't just start businesses but also bring about meaningful change.

Our mission is steadfast: Equip every entrepreneur with the resources, tools, and mentorship they need to not only flourish in the business world but also make a lasting positive impact on society.

Innovation for Tomorrow—MicroCare's Visionary Goals As we set our eyes on the future,

we understand the pressing need to evolve and adapt. Digital literacy stands as a cornerstone

of modern business, and we're keen to ensure every entrepreneur we support is adept and digitally empowered.

Moreover, with an increasing global focus on sustainability, MicroCare is branching out with initiatives aimed at e-waste management and proactive climate change strategies. We believe that businesses of tomorrow should not only be profitable but also responsible, creating a harmonious balance with our environment.

Together, Crafting a Sustainable Legacy—At MicroCare, we’re not just building businesses; we’re molding the future. A future where entrepreneurship goes hand-in-hand with digital proficiency, ecological responsibility, and a proactive approach to global challenges.

Join us on this transformative journey. With MicroCare by your side, you’re not just

an entrepreneur; you’re a change-maker. Together, let’s shape a future where every business is

a beacon of innovation, responsibility, and hope. Welcome to MicroCare – where we don’t just dream; we enact change.

Partnership and Sponsors 

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Meet our Team


Yasmin Badri

Dezmin Fermino.jpeg

Dezmin Fermino,

Insurance Producer


Board Director 

Wayne Chandler .jpeg

Wayne Chandler,

Small Business Banker

Loan Committee

Board Director 

John Morris .jpeg

John Morris,
Business Executive 

Board Director 

Philip Sclafani.jpeg

Philip Sclafani,
Board Secretary 


Gilda Rada .jpeg

Gilda Rada,

MBA, PhD Education

Capacity Building

Program Advisor 

Ibrahim Habiballa.jpeg

Ibrahim Habib,

Loan Committee
Board Director - VP

[GrayBackground] MicroCare Log-2.jpg

Ildefonso Chaves,
Economic Development Program Director, Eller College of Management, UA

 Board Advisor  

Kelly Ellsberry

Small Business Outreach

Board Advisor

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