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Empowering entrepreneurs
and supporting communities throughout Arizona

Partnership and Sponsors 

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MicroCare Community Development Solutions is here to provide every possible assistance to a small business owner to turn your business dreams into reality. MicroCare is an advocate for community economic development and social entrepreneurship. We strive to support workforce development and innovation. Part of that is owning and operating your own business and create jobs.
If you own any size of business or planning to start one, contact MicroCare for professional assistance. Select the services you need and apply for financial, technical assistance to get the best results in a short time. 

You can email us at, or call (520) 900-3787 for more information.

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Meet our Team


Yasmin Badri

Jason Rosenberg.jpeg

Jason Rosenberg,

CPA & Realtors®


Board Director 

Wayne Chandler .jpeg

Wayne Chandler,

Small Business Banker

Loan Committee

Board Director 

John Morris .jpeg

John Morris,
Business Executive 

Board Director 

Philip Sclafani.jpeg

Philip Sclafani,
Board Secretary 


Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 3.31.17 PM.png

Daryl Harper,

Business Advisor Expert 

 Loan Committee

Board Member

Ibrahim Habiballa.jpeg

Ibrahim Habib,

Loan Committee
Board Director - VP

Gilda Rada .jpeg

Gilda Rada,

MBA, PhD Education

Capacity Building

Program Advisor 

[GrayBackground] MicroCare Log-2.jpg

Ildefonso Chaves,
Economic Development Program Director, Eller College of Management, UA

 Board Advisor  


Kelly Ellsberry

Small Business Outreach

Board Advisor

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